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Roman Reigns Gives His Opinion On The Current Wrestling Audience

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• Roman Reigns Gives His Opinion On The Current Wrestling Audience

In an interview on the Out of Character podcast, current Universal Champion Roman Reigns talked about the current generation of wrestling fans and how they are different from fans of past eras.

Here’s what The Tribal Chief said:

“We have a very fast food-oriented audience nowadays. It’s a ‘what have you done for me lately’ situation, everybody wants kind of some change as soon as they feel like they’ve gotten the portion that they were looking for.

For [The Tribal Chief character] to be [going on for a] year now and for it to still be interesting, for it to still be compelling, it just goes into, not just the performance, but just the hard work and the brainstorming and everything that goes in to being able to develop these types of stories.”

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