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RAW Wrestler Not Happy With Her WWE Status? WWE Commentator Suffered A Heart Attack Prior To Money In The Bank 2018


• WWE Interested In Signing Top Impact Wrestling Star

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials are interested in signing top Impact Wrestling star Eli Drake. It should be noted that Drake isn’t being advertised for match at Slammiversary PPV because his contract with Impact Wrestling is up and he hasn’t signed a new deal.

During an interview with The Mirror about two months ago, Drake had the following to say regarding his future (if he’ll re-sign with Impact Wrestling or leave):

“It really depends. I am looking at all my options. I am very grateful for the opportunities Impact have given me and putting me on the stage they have put me on. I also have grown my bank account enormously! I’m doing well on that front. So I’m very grateful for it. But at the same time, I am a businessman, I am going to look into any opportunities that are afforded to me and anybody who wants to talk and wants to throw numbers my way and anything like that, of course I am open to that.

Will I stay with Impact? That’s a definite possibility. It could be a likelihood, I really don’t know. It really depends on what else is out there. But I am interested in any opportunity that comes my way, that’s for sure.”

• WWE Commentator Suffered A Heart Attack Prior To Money In The Bank 2018

WWE’s German commentator Cartsen Schaefer suffered a heart attack prior to the Money In The Bank 2018 PPV and this is why he didn’t work Sunday’s PPV.

Below is what Cartsen posted on Facebook:

“I saw that some of you were wondering why I didn’t comment today. Well, that night I had so strong back pain that I went to the hospital. That’s where they found my big surprise that I had a slight heart attack in the last 24 hours. I didn’t notice anything. Now everything is settled, and I’m still in hospital until Tuesday or Wednesday.

I don’t belong to those who hang on to that big bell. But since you were so asked, I wanted to tell you. Sorry I couldn’t comment. Thanks to all my loved ones from WWE who took care of me. Greetings to you all. Great to work for WWE. And an equally loving greeting to you because you are you and I may know you too…”

• RAW Wrestler Not Happy With Her WWE Status?

RAW wrestler Dana Brooke (of Titus Worldwide) expressed her displeasure about her WWE status by tweeting the following:

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