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RAW Wrestlers Unmasked During Tonight’s Show

• RAW Wrestlers Unmasked During Tonight’s Show

Tonight’s RAW kicked off with Drew McIntyre demanding answers from MVP, MACE & T-BAR for last week’s attack on him.

Drew said he thinks MVP is the mastermind behind the attack on him last week. Drew said when he gets his hands on them he’s gonna get some “retribution”.

MVP then came out and said WWE Champion Bobby Lashley already defeated Drew one-on-one, and doesn’t need those two. MVP claimed that The Hurt Business has no affiliation with MACE & T-BAR.

Drew then got attacked once again by MACE & T-BAR while MVP watched.

MACE & T-BAR claimed they will make Drew extinct like a saber-toothed Tiger later on.

McIntyre then went backstage and asked WWE Official Adam Pearce for a match against the former RETRIBUTION members, and Pearce said McIntyre needs to find a Tag Team partner for that.

However, WWE later announced a Handicap Match.

The Handicap Match began and T-BAR & MACE began brutalizing McIntyre at the same time and the match ended in DQ.

Braun Strowman then made the save for McIntyre and then a tag team match began.

During this match, McIntyre unmasked MACE and began hitting him with the mask, which resulted in a DQ.

Strowman unmasked T-BAR after the match and hit him with the mask as well.

T-BAR & MACE ended up defeating McIntyre & Strowman via DQ.

T-BAR MACE Unmasked On WWE RAW April 2021

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