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Real Reason Behind Saudi Arabia Paying Big Money To WWE

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On this day in 1997, the World Wrestling Federation aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF RAW IS WAR’.

It was broadcasted from the Convention Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF Survivor Series 1997’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Goldust

2. Ahmed Johnson vs. Owen Hart

3. Bret Hart vs. Ken Shamrock

4. New Blackjacks vs. Billy Gunn & Jesse James

5. Marc Mero vs. Flash Funk

6. Legion of Doom vs. Los Boriquas

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• Real Reason Behind Saudi Arabia Paying Big Money To WWE

As we all know by now, Saudi Arabia pays huge money to WWE to book two pay-per-view events in their country every year and this is going to continue for another 8 years.

During a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained why Saudi Arabia is paying a large amount of money to WWE to do these events:

“It’s all about Crown Jewel, not WrestleMania. I think people need to understand that. The Saudi shows are much bigger money shows. They wouldn’t even — the Saudis, they want these guys. They couldn’t get UFC so they want a UFC fighter. They want famous boxers, that’s what they want and Tyson Fury is a famous boxer.

Was it rushed? Usually when you do stuff like that it is one pay-per-view cycle so it’s no different from usual. It’s the usual timing. I know people looked at it and said ‘it’s something good for Mania,’ but it’s like they don’t think that way anymore. Mania is different.

This has nothing to do with Network subscribers. It’s all about the Saudi Arabia money, that’s all it is and everything. People are like, ‘Why are they talking about Saudi Arabia now when before they didn’t?’ Saudi Arabia is paying WWE this money to whitewash their image and people have to understand that. That’s what it is.

Obviously because of what happened WWE couldn’t push that because their fan base would revolt and it would look terrible and everything like that on the last two [Saudi Arabia] shows, but the reason for Saudi Arabia — like they’re not bringing WWE in so the kids in Saudi Arabia can get to see a WWE show.

This is all about using WWE to spread their message and you know they didn’t do it on the last two shows because the political climate wouldn’t allow them to do it.

Obviously, if they’re paying $40 million — the going rate for a WWE house show is not $40 million I’ll put it that way.”

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