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Real Reason Behind WWE Punishing Two SmackDown Live Stars

Kevin Owens

According to Sports Illustrated, SmackDown Live Stars Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn have been sent home from the current UK tour from going into business for themselves on this week’s SmackDown Live.

Below is what Sports Illustrated posted regarding this:

“In a decision approved by Vince McMahon, both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were kicked off the remainder of WWE’s overseas tour and sent home after yesterday’s SmackDown in Manchester, England for conduct deemed detrimental to the WWE.

Multiple sources both internally and externally confirmed to Sports Illustrated that Owens and Zayn’s offense was “going into business for themselves” regarding their on-camera work during yesterday’s SmackDown.”

Many people didn’t understand how Owens & Zayn went into business for themselves, but Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer explained what exactly happened here. Below is what he said:

“They were at the TV in Manchester on Tuesday and the interview went essentially as it was supposed to. Other than that, there was something that went wrong in the interview, but it was had nothing to do with them.

It was when Shane McMahon was doing the promo and said that Daniel Bryan would be back next week and then like everybody booed and he wasn’t expecting that. So he kind of got flustered and just goes – “I thought you guys like Daniel Bryan” and then he just goes – “Oh, it’s because you wanted him here tonight”.

They edited all that out.

Some people thought that they said the wrong thing because there was some reference to “Men of Honor”. People thought they’re bringing up Ring of Honor. This was all just a normal interview where they went off the script and none of that’s true.

And if they did it would have been edited and nothing was. So there was nothing to do with the interview. It had nothing to do with the match. The finish was exactly what the finish was supposed to be.

The problem came after that and what happened post-match. Kevin Owens ran in as he was supposed to and then The New Day ran in to chase out Kevin Owens and he rolled out of the ring and Sami Zayn rolled out of the ring and they left.

But apparently neither Kevin Owens nor Sami Zayn were supposed to leave. They were supposed to stay and get beat up. So that’s the issue.

They were expected to get beat up after he lost. They were all supposed to get beat up and somehow by him getting pinned and then getting beaten up again, that was supposed to build heat for their feud that starts next week with a tag-team match. So that’s the story.

So they were told to leave, go back to the hotel and fly home. They flew home and they’re off the tour. And as far as anything else, it’s up in the air. They may be back on Tuesday. They may never be back. There may be something in between. But right now there’s nothing official other than they’re not going to be on the rest of the tour.

And they had to rearrange the show in Leeds, England. And the New Day of course was on the Raw side. They felt they needed more star power on the Raw side with no Roman Reigns.

So the Raw main events for the rest of week are going to be three ways with Sheamus and Cesaro defending against Ambrose and Rollins and also defending against The New Day and then the SmackDown shows are going to be three ways with AJ Styles defending against Jinder Mahal and also Nakamura.”

You can watch the match between Sami Zayn & Kofi Kingston below:

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