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Real Reason Why WWE Is Considering Lana’s Wedding Segment A Success

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• Old School ECW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Legendary Hardcore Wrestler & real life Bounty Hunter “The Original Gangsta” New Jack (Real name: Jerome Young) turns 57 today.

New Jack originally made a name for himself in Jim Cornette’s SMW Smoky Mountain Wrestling territory, where he formed ‘The Gangstas’ with his Tag Team partner Mustafa Saed, but soon jumped ship to Paul Heyman’s ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling, where he became a house hold name in Hardcore Wrestling and somewhat of an innovator when it comes to jumping off of balconies during pro wrestling matches.

After ECW closed its doors in January 2001, New Jack continued to wrestle on the indies (with a few short stints in TNA in between) until he officially retired a few years ago. He has since come out of retirement quite a few times, to reunite The Gangstas with his old partner Mustafa.


• Real Reason Why WWE Is Considering Lana’s Wedding Segment A Success

While you might not have heard a single praise regarding Lana’s wedding storyline on Social Media, the viewership numbers tell a different story.

As they say – controversy creates cash, this storyline featuring Lana drew due to controversy.

Not only did Lana’s wedding videos on WWE’s YouTube channel drew over 7 million views, but the RAW overrun numbers were up big time too.

According to the Wrestling Observer, RAW doing a 10 minute overrun this week was just a one time thing and not a regular thing.

WWE generally lost a lot of viewers during overruns on the USA Network, but that wasn’t the case this week. As a matter of fact, the numbers for the overrun were “way up”.

Lana tweeted the following regarding this:

This is the reason why WWE is considering this storyline a success and as we have noted before, Vince McMahon is interested in doing more crazy storylines like this one.

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