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Reason Behind Cody Rhodes Leaving AEW

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The biggest news going on right now in the world of pro-wrestling is Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi Rhodes leaving AEW.

An even bigger shocker is that Cody, who was seen as one of the founding fathers of All Elite Wrestling, is highly expected to sign with WWE now, a company where he made a name for himself and worked for 10 years.

According to PWTorch, Cody wanted to get paid big money in his new contract, which would put him up there with CM Punk and Bryan Danielson, but AEW President Tony Khan wasn’t willing to do that.

Below are the highlights from what Wade Keller of PWTorch revealed about his whole situation:

On Tony Khan not wanting to spend big money on Cody:

“From what I’m told, Cody asked for more money than what Tony Khan was willing to spend.

It’s weird, because if it was 9 months ago, Tony might have signed him for what Cody was asking for, or at least negotiated in good faith to a reasonable compromise. But Cody became a bit of a liability, Tony publicly would say, and he told me ‘Cody still drives numbers, so I’m okay.’ But that’s not the biggest compliment.

It’s not like, ‘Oh, I love Cody, and we’re on the same page.’ I was just like, well, you know, the undercurrent of what he said was, ‘yeah, he’s a headache, and every segment is a car wreck, but he’s still drawing numbers. So I guess I’m okay with it for now?’ Like, that’s how I read. I kind of read between the lines on his choice of wording.

I think the segment with Brandi two weeks ago did not help, didn’t belong on TV. It was just a disaster. But there’s been a lot going on with Cody. Pre pandemic, Cody was at the forefront of production meetings and, and really involved.”

On people backstage in AEW not liking Brandi:

“So I’ll just say this. It sounds mean but nobody has anything nice to say about Brandi Rhodes and her disposition or popularity behind the scenes and I’m not saying that with any personal satisfaction or preference for her to be liked or not liked.

I’m just telling you when I talk to people, Brandi has not been seen as an asset on camera, in the ring, or behind the scenes. And so that ended up being baggage with Cody because people like Cody, pretty universally like Cody. Even people who say bad things about Cody like Cody if that makes sense.”

On why Tony wasn’t willing to pay big money to Cody:

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