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Reason Behind Originally Planned Ladder Match Being Cancelled For WrestleMania 34

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (April 3, 1993) – Giant González vs. Virgil

On this day in 1993, the World Wrestling Federation aired a match between 8 feet tall (with lifts in his boots) Giant González and former Million Dollar Champion Virgil.

This aired one day before González’s match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania IX.

You can watch the entire match below:

• Ryback Comments On Daniel Bryan’s In-Ring Return

During a recent appearance on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, former WWE Star Rybackhad the following to say regarding Daniel Bryan’s in-ring return:

“I am very happy for him. I saw him back at Rusev’s wedding last year and we were talking and it was when he had returned (I believe) he was on TV as an on air role at that time but I could see that it wasn’t fulfilling to him because he didn’t have that outlet to perform and he didn’t have that physical aspect of it.

You’ve got to understand that when you wrestle and he wrestled for a majority of his life and I could tell you first hand that especially for myself having to back off a bit this last year that it is extremely and mentally difficult when you are used to making money with your body and being told you can’t do something is extremely taxing on the human mind.

For him to have to still be in that environment, granted not as much as he was but to still show up to TV every week and to watch all these guys he came up with getting their opportunity to perform and not being able to do that is extremely frustrating. I felt for him deeply because I knew how bad he wanted to wrestle.

It is really cool to see him get another chance because he was so hot when it all got taken away and I was there for that and I witnessed that on different occasions where he went through the different injuries up there and overcame them.

So to see him return, I’d like to see him take it easy for a little bit and he seems to have thrown himself back into the mix full steam by taking an apron power bomb and doing those God damn dropkicks where he lands on his head but I would have liked to have seen him ease back in but I guess if you are going to go and he only knows one speed and that is why everybody loves him.”

• Reason Behind Originally Planned Ladder Match Being Cancelled For WrestleMania 34

According to DirtySheets.Net, the Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship match between The Miz, Seth Rollins & Finn Balor at WrestleMania 34 was originally supposed to be a Ladder match, but Triple H asked the writers to nix the Ladder match stipulation.

Triple H felt this Intercontinental Title Ladder match would’ve been overshadowed by the NXT North American Championship Ladder match the previous night at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans and it might be an overkill as well (giving the fans two ladder matches in two nights).

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