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Reason Behind This Week’s RAW Kicking Off With A Brawl

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• Reason Behind This Week’s RAW Kicking Off With A Brawl

This week’s episode of RAW, which was the 1st RAW after Vince McMahon’s retirement, kicked off with a brawl between Logan Paul & The Miz.

According to the Wrestling Observer, this was done to avoid people booing Logan:

“So the deal here, the reason that they did this, aside from hot open, Logan Paul, celebrity and everything like that…if you noticed, they opened with them brawling as opposed to, let’s say Logan Paul in the ring going, ‘Miz, get out here, let’s fight right now,’ which, he actually tried to do that later in the show.

The reason they did that was because they figured that the people were going to boo Logan Paul when they first saw him, a lot.

So, they would have him come to the ring and do all this with no cameras on so you don’t see it.

So, his coming to the ring to the music and everything like that had happened off-screen before RAW started. And, in fact, he was booed very heavily.

I think that they think you go out there and go, ‘I love New York. I’m in Madison Square Garden,’ that the people will get behind him, and they do to a small degree.”

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NOT to be confused with the famous weekly “WWF Superstars of Wrestling” TV show, that eventually took over WWF Championship Wrestling in September 1986 and ran until 1997 (before becoming a recap/highlights show that ran till 2001).

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