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Reason Behind WWE Releasing Future WrestleMania Main Eventer

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Sean Ross Sapp reported that NXT wrestler Von Wagner was also a part of the WWE releases that took place on Friday.

Wagner is the son of WWF Veteran Beau Beverly of The Beverly Brothers tag team.

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The Wrestling Observer reported the following about why WWE released Wagner, who at one point was considered a future WrestleMania main eventer:

“The thing that surprised me is that it wasn’t that many years ago, where people from the company were talking about this guy like, you know, future WrestleMania main eventer, which I didn’t see. And I never would see that you know, I mean, I just thought he doesn’t have the charisma to be at that level.

So I was thinking, well, because he’s tall and blonde… it’s not like the 80s. I mean, tall and blond isn’t enough. And as a wrestler, he was, he was passable. But I mean, as far as being a character and everything like that, the pairing with him and Robert Stone was a good pairing as babyfaces.

Robert Stone was a good talker, and he had a very likeable thing and stuff with the kids and everything. But yeah, every time they put him in a big match, they beat him with the idea that it’s okay because it’s gonna put people through tables, and it would have been okay, but for whatever reason…. the only thing I really know about this.

One is that this was a main roster decision, even though he was not working on the main roster. He was working in NXT. It was technically like Xyon Quinn. They are main roster wrestlers, even though they never wrestled like I think Xyon Quinn did in a year on the main roster. I think he did two matches. And I don’t even know what Von Wagner did. But they were considered main roster wrestlers. Therefore, they were not being used on the main roster. The decision was made to dump them.

But yeah, this one, I was a little bit surprised on this one. I was actually very surprised the other ones, not at all, especially with you know, there’s all the reasons I talked about yesterday for the other ones, which Von Wagner has nothing to do with those reasons.

It was just essentially, they felt that he had been a main roster wrestler for a year, and they hadn’t used him, and it’s been a year, and they weren’t going to use them. And if you’re not going to use them, then you’re gonna get caught.”

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