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Reasons Behind WWE Releasing 5 Wrestlers On Friday

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WWE released the following 5 wrestlers on Friday:

– Jinder Mahal

– Xia Li

– Xyon Quinn

– Veer Mahaan

– Sanga

According to Fightful Select, WWE executives cited a variety of reasons for the releases. One key factor was the lack of television appearances, attributed to creative challenges in finding suitable storylines for the affected talent.

Additionally, considerations such as the talent’s upward trajectory and tenure within the company were also taken into account.

In a noticeable shift from previous practices, WWE has adjusted its approach to talent releases, signaling a departure from the methods employed during the Vince McMahon era.

Traditionally, wrestlers received brief, matter-of-fact calls from figures like John Laurinaitis or Mark Carrano, informing them of their release due to budgetary constraints. Shortly thereafter, the news would be disseminated across WWE’s official platforms, including WWE.com and social media channels.

However, the recent wave of talent releases saw a departure from this protocol. According to reports from PWInsider, the manner in which these calls were conducted differed significantly. Described as “less curt” and characterized by a tone of apology and respect, these conversations marked a departure from the previous norm.

This shift reflects WWE’s evolving approach to talent management, emphasizing a more empathetic and considerate interaction with departing wrestlers. It represents a departure from the corporate culture under McMahon’s leadership, signaling a potential sea change in how WWE handles talent relations moving forward.

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