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Recently Released WWE Wrestler Announces Retirement From Pro-Wrestling

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• Recently Released WWE Wrestler Announces Retirement From Pro-Wrestling

Former NXT wrestler Jake Atlas, who was released from WWE last month, has announced on Twitter that he is retiring from Pro-Wrestling.

Here’s what Atlas wrote:

“I’m not concussed or ‘banged up’. I simply just can’t keep going anymore. Take your mental health seriously, both for yourselves & for each other, because we only have one life to live. Thank you to anyone who did support me for 5 years. I didn’t do much, but what I did was fun.

I’m stepping away from wrestling completely right now so please don’t ask me to do interviews/appearances. I’d like my privacy to be respected. At 26 years old, I’ve got my entire life ahead of me & I’m choosing to explore completely different industries to find my passion again.

Unfortunately, it was unhealthy for me the entire time. I just learned how to hide it really well. I hope that friends & fans I’ve made alike continue to support me no matter what.

I have major anxiety just having done that, please be sensitive. Thank you.”

Former WCW/TNA star Daffney recently passed away at the age of 46. Prior to her death, she went live on Instagram. She seemed in a dark place mentally and teased committing suicide.

According to PWInsider, WWE sent the following text message to their wrestlers after this incident:

“As a reminder to our Talent, if you are dealing with a difficult personal matter and would like to speak with someone to get the support you need, please don’t hesitate to contact [Counseling Company Name Withheld] at [NUMBER DELETED] or WWE Medical.”

Former WWE wrestler & current Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Champion Karl Anderson tweeted the following in regards to this report:

“They suck bro.”

Anderson received a lot of heat and attention (which he most likely wanted) after this tweet.

This led to Jake Atlas sharing the following story on Twitter:

“I certainly don’t want to make this about me but this is important to speak up about. WWE paid for 6 months of my therapy & quite literally saved my life. Not everything is what it seems. People who are truly suffering from mental illness learn how to to hide it well. Reach out.”

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