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Released WWE Wrestler Pitched The Idea Of Bringing Back The Corporate Ministry In 2021

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• Released WWE Wrestler Pitched The Idea Of Bringing Back The Corporate Ministry In 2021

Karrion Kross (now back to his old ring name of Killer Kross) was released from WWE last year after a lacklustre main roster run, where his NXT character was ruined.

During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Kross revealed that the last idea he pitched in WWE was bringing back Attitude Era’s Corporate Ministry stable.

Below is what Kross said:

“I had ideas about bringing back The Corporate Ministry. That was one of my final ideas that I had.

I had a series of writers on board for that who thought it was a very good idea. I thought pitching those ideas would be cool because there’s some nostalgia to it.

You know, with all these crazy conspiracy theories that are always going around about esoteric businesses and stuff like that, and cults, and evil companies and stuff like that, I thought there would be a tasteful way to fictionalize that type of stuff and put it back on TV with a nostalgic twist.

All of the writers that I dealt with, I loved them. I know that writers get completely skinned, decapitated, and delimbed from wrestlers saying that the writers suck, they’re terrible, blah, blah, blah. I didn’t have any issues with any of the writers that I’ve ever worked with. I loved all of them.

I got to know them personally and professionally. The problem was that all the ideas would come up together, and whether they had awesome ideas for me, or they would ask me about my own ideas, they all have to go through one person.

If that one person feels like it doesn’t resonate to them, they don’t make sense, or they’re just not in the realm of how they particularly see things going and in entertaining people, then they’re just gonna go out the window.”

Back in 1999, The Corporate Ministry had the following members:

– Mr. McMahon (co-leader)

– The Undertaker (co-leader)

– Shane McMahon (co-leader)

– Triple H

– Chyna

– Faarooq

– Bradshaw

– Big Boss Man

– Viscera

– Mideon

– Rodney

– Pete Gas

– Paul Bearer

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