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Renee Young Opens Up About Her Recent Wardrobe Malfunction

Renee Young

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Old School WCW Veteran Konnan (Real name: Charles Ashenoff) celebrates his 55th birthday today.

After portraying Mega Man character “Max Moon” in the World Wrestling Federation for a few house show matches, but only 1 (!!!) televised match, Konnan left McMahon’s company, but would soon wrestle for Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling and ultimately found a new home in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, where he stayed till the bitter end in march of 2001.

Since the end of WCW, Konnan has wrestled and appeared in non-wrestling roles for Total Nonstop Action, now known as iMPACT Wrestling, as well as several lucha libre promotions such as AAA and Lucha Underground.


• Renee Young Opens Up About Her Recent Wardrobe Malfunction

During a recent edition of Regular Girls podcast, WWE announce team member Renee Young opened up about her recent wardrobe malfunction.

Below is what Renee said:

“The last one was the worst. I mean nobody…people might have seen the first one. It was like bo*b in a bra was out, whatever get over it guys. When it was full bo*b out I was walking from my car into the building — nobody saw! But I had on my winter jacket cause it was outside. So I had on a little like blouse thing underneath, but the button had popped and with that my right ti*ty was out.

So the jacket was closed over it so nobody would have seen the actual bo*b, but I felt it walking and I had my luggage with me and I’m like, ‘Man I feel like my t*t’s out.’

I was just like…your stomach drops to the floor when I opened my jacket and I realize that my bo*b was out and I was ‘My jacket was closed, right? Nobody was pretending that they didn’t see my t*t?’”

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