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REVEALED: What Brock Lesnar Admitted Under Oath In Court

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While Brock Lesnar is involved in the Vince McMahon allegations and lawsuit, he is also involved in a lawsuit between UFC and Mark Hunt.

In 2016, Lesnar returned to the UFC for his final MMA fight. He defeated Mark Hunt in a Heavyweight bout at UFC 200. The outcome of the fight was turned into a No Contest after results came out that Lesnar failed the USADA drug tests for this fight. He tested positive for clomiphene.

Hunt sued the UFC and claimed that Dana White knew Lesnar was using PEDs and still allowed him to compete.

In September 2023, a Nevada judge ruled in favor of the defendants. The judge stated that the plaintiff, Mark Hunt, lacked sufficient evidence to support his claims. Additionally, the judge ordered Hunt to pay over $385,000 in legal fees to UFC and Lesnar.

Hunt appealed this decision in court and the case is still pending.

Lesnar appeared in court recently and admitted under oath that, contrary to his contract, he made $8 million per UFC bout “win lose or draw”.

Below is a photo of Lesnar in court:

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WWE is further distancing themselves from Brock Lesnar due to his association with a $ex trafficking lawsuit against Vince McMahon.

Plans involving Lesnar at major events like the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and WrestleMania 40 have already been canceled.

He’s been removed from the WWE 2K Supercard mobile game and his merch is being sold at a discounted rate on WWE Shop, so they can clear it out.

Lesnar’s presence will be minimized in WWE licensee content, with no plans for TV appearances.

Brock was also taken off the cover of WWE 2K24 Forty Years of WrestleMania edition.

In an update, The Beast has now been removed from WWE’s TV show intro. He has been replaced with LA Knight.

You can check out the change below:

Brock Lesnar Replaced With LA Knight In WWE TV Intro

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