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Ric Flair Is Not Happy About JBL Being In The WWE Hall Of Fame

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• Ric Flair Is Not Happy About JBL Being In The WWE Hall Of Fame

Former WWE Champion JBL was inducted into the Hall Of Fame as a part of the Class Of 2020.

WWF Attitude Era Veteran Val Venis was recently interviewed on the ‘Wrestling Shoot Interviews’ channel and was asked who the biggest locker room bully was back in the day.

The answer comes as no surprise to anyone, as it’s pretty common knowledge that Bradshaw used to be a big bully backstage during the Attitude Era.

Here’s what Val Venis said:

“JBL. I always considered JBL to be a walking home entertainment center. There were times, because he never had a filter, things that would come out of his mouth were incredible. I don’t know how he didn’t get fired for some of the things that would come out of his mouth.

But it was funny. There were times where you could tell it was one of those days that JBL was spot on. He’s in that mood. He’s in that mode. And I would literally get my black coffee and just follow him around the arena, just tag along and just follow him around to see what he’s gonna say next.”

For unknown reasons, and out of nowhere, the legendary Ric Flair went on to call out JBL for being a bully and wrote that it’s sad that the APA member is in the Hall Of Fame.

Below is what Flair tweeted:

“I Guess The Anti Bullying Program You So Heavily Endorsed Does Not Apply To Bradshaw!! Jason Roberts And Joey Styles!! What A Joke! And He’s In The HOF!  Sad!”

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