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Ric Flair Praises Tonight’s AEW Dynamite Match

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• Ric Flair Praises Tonight’s AEW Dynamite Match

In the opening match of tonight’s AEW Dynamite “Winter Is Coming” (tap here for complete results), “Hangman” Adam Page defended the AEW World Championship against Bryan Danielson.

The match ended in a 1-hour time limit draw.

2-Time WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair was impressed with this match and wrote the following on Twitter:

“I’ve Done So Many Hour Draws, Some Great, Some Average! Tonight, You Gentlemen Set A New Bar!! The Wrestling World Can Learn From Adam Page & Bryan Danielson! CONGRATULATIONS! WOOOOO!”

All Elite Wrestling’s official Twitter account went on to retweet Flair’s tweet.

On the latest episode of his podcast, Flair said that Bryan’s work is ‘okay’ and that Triple H ‘made him’ by losing to him at WrestleMania 30.

Here’s what The Nature Boy said:

“I didn’t say he wasn’t a good worker. When Hunter put him over at [WrestleMania 30 in 2014], that made him. He’s a very talented kid, don’t misunderstand me, but you have to have one match, one place, one day, somewhere that makes you who you are. Hunter, who only wrestles once in a while, came out and the match started off slow but they ended up having a world-class match.

He’s a hell of a performer, I don’t see him as being Kenny Omega. As a babyface, he’s not Ricky Steamboat. As a heel, he’s not me. If that pisses people off, they have to live with history.

[Triple H & Daniel Bryan] tore the joint down. That is the night that made Bryan. I like him a lot personally. He’s got a style…he’s not AJ Styles by any means. He’s a little bit smaller than AJ. He’s not AJ Styles. I like his conditioning, he works hard, he’ll do anything and sacrifice his body at all odds. He’ll throw himself around and take incredible bumps. He’s a hell of a hand.

You’re asking me who is good and who is great. He’s very good. As a babyface, it’s more believable. He can sell his a$$ off so when he’s making a comeback, it’s more fun to watch him make a comeback against bigger guys. It’s harder for me to believe he’s going to hold someone down.

As a babyface, who is just average size but loaded with talent, I much prefer to see him fighting from underneath.”

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