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Ricochet Becomes Champion After SmackDown (Photo)

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Below are a couple of top SmackDown news stories, featuring Ricochet and CM Punk.

• After last night’s SmackDown went off the air, Ricochet defeated Johnny Gargano to become the first ever WWE Speed Champion.

For those who don’t know, WWE Speed is a new concept where the matches are only 3 minutes long. These matches air exclusively on X (Twitter).

Ricochet vs. Gargano will air on X soon. Below is a photo of Ricochet with the WWE Speed Championship:

Ricochet Wins WWE Speed Championship

WATCH: WWE Ring Announcer Samantha Irvin (Ricochet’s Fiancee) Exposed:

• After last night’s SmackDown went off the air, CM Punk came out to cut a promo and give an update on his recovery.

Here’s what Punk said:

“Big things going on here in the WWE. The Draft was today. The Draft continues Monday. I felt compelled to come out here and speak to my friends in Cincinnati. I have missed you.

Take a moment to look around at this place. Y’all packed this house. We couldn’t do this without each and every single one of you, so on behalf of everybody backstage, in front of and behind the camera, we humbly thank you very, very much.

I want to give a little update. My tricep is not 100% yet, but I am on track, and I promise, soon, I will be back, and I will be competing with all of the big, tough badasses backstage.

For me, it’s fun watching a lot of the young superstars mixing with the Hall of Famers out here to announce Draft picks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am in Cincinnati. If we’re gonna talk about the Hall of Fame in Cincinnati, we’re gonna talk about Pete Rose. Pete Rose belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame.”

You can watch his promo below:

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