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Road Warrior Animal Talks About Current WWE Tag Team Division, WWE Not Appointing Him As Coach At Performance Center

WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal

During a recent appearance on the “Jobbing Out” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal talked about the current tag team division in WWE, being denied a job as a coach at the WWE Performance Center, not having the right guys to teach tag team wrestling, and more.

Below are the highlights from the interview:

Wanting to coach at the Performance Center, but being denied of the opportunity:
“I’ve approached them. Dusty had approached them on my behalf…But for whatever reason, the office has their favorite guys. I understand that. One of the first deals I made when I signed with Vince McMahon was that I said when I was done that I wanted to coach. But it’s water under the bridge, it ain’t gonna happen. It’s never going to happen.”

Not having the right guys teach Tag Team Wrestling:
“You have to have guys coaching who know tag team wrestling. You have to have the experience. The business has to get away from ‘this guy is my buddy, so he gets a job’.”

Watch Undertaker’s return at last night’s WWE Live Event in Mexico below:


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