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Rob Van Dam Grabbed Sunny’s Backside (Video)

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On an episode of the ‘1 Of A Kind’ podcast, Old School ECW/WWF Legend Rob Van Dam remembered a specific segment they filmed for ECW television back in 1998, where he was booked to grab Sunny’s backside to get her real-life & on-screen boyfriend Chris Candido mad at him, in order to build for an upcoming match between them.

Here’s what RVD said:

“In ECW, there was one time that sticks out in my mind where we were doing a promo where I’m walking in the building and they’re walking out or vice versa and we’re passing each other carrying the little rolling bag or whatever and when they walked by me, they wanted me to grab Tammy’s a$$.

That was the deal. And Chris gets mad and then we have some words or whatever ‘we’ll settle this in the ring tonight’. You know, one of those things.

And so like I just thought you know, I’ll work and the camera’s not gonna know whatever and we went by and I just lightly patted her on the a$$.

And we did it and they were like ‘cut’. Anyway, Tammy comes up but she says ‘I couldn’t even feel it. I couldn’t even feel his hand on my a$$. Look, like grab it like, you know, squeeze it’.

And I was thinking ‘you know, she’s always wanted me to put over her advances and I never do and so this is a chance for, you know, I get it’.

But just like Sandman told me to lay it in the first time I ever gave him a kick, I wanted to try to make her regret it.

I walked by them and I just ughh and I just squeezed it like as hard as I could, deep, hard, like ughhh, like really hard until they turn around and, ‘oh’, she screamed, which she was supposed to and then Chris went on with the promo and I never talked to her about it afterwards.”

You can watch this ECW backstage segment here:

Sunny was released from the World Wrestling Federation in July 1998 and joined Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling a few days later at the ECW Heatwave pay-per-view as the valet of her real-life boyfriend Chris Candido.

They both left the promotion in December 1999.

WATCH: Sunny Shows Off Her Bare Buns:

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