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The Undertaker Praises 2x WWE Hall Of Famer For Pushing Him To Evolve His Character

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In a recent interview with the UK based ‘Manchester Evening News’, The Undertaker spoke about his ‘WWF One Night Only 1997’ match against 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart and praised The Hitman for pushing him into evolving his character even further.

At ‘One Night Only’ on September 20th 1997 at the NEC Arena in Birmingham, England (UK), The Undertaker lost to Bret Hart via disqualification and couldn’t regain the WWF Championship that he lost to Bret at SummerSlam a month earlier.

Here’s what the legendary Deadman had to say:

“I remember having a match against Bret Hart and Bret in the States was a heel at the time, but everywhere else, he was still a face.

We had a match in the UK, it must have been 45 minutes and through the course of the match, one moment they’re going ‘Lets go Bret’ and two minutes later it’s ‘Lets go Taker’.

It was so cool to have that kind of energy, it was just off the charts. Probably one of my favorite matches of all time, it was really good.

Bret pushed me to be more than a character. He pushed me into figuring out how to be the character and be a wrestler too.

That’s something I’m really grateful to him for pushing me in that direction, because I don’t think I would have lasted as long as I did if I didn’t evolve.”

The match was in fact 28 minutes and 34 seconds, but with the intensity and professionality these two legends went at each other, it most certainly felt longer than that, also considering that they took great pride for getting every single detail right when they performed in the ring, and both made every single move and every hold mean something.

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