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Rob Van Dam’s WrestleMania 40 Role Might Be Canceled Due To AEW Appearance

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WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam made his AEW debut last month and had a mini-feud with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, which led to a match between them in his second appearance on Dynamite.

RVD failed to defeat Perry for the FTW Championship.

Speaking on the latest edition of his One Of A Kind podcast, RVD said that he has good reason to believe WWE won’t invite him for WrestleMania 40 next year due to his appearance in AEW.

“Maybe I’d show you if I was doing a WWE tour WrestleMania weekend, but I have good reason to believe that might be canceled because of a recent appearance I might have done, with permission, for a different company. Right now, I don’t feel like I can talk too much about that.”

WrestleMania 40 will take place in Philadelphia, which was the home of ECW, a promotion where RVD gained a lot of popularity.

When priority passes for the event went on sale, one of the experiences for the Champion’s Package was an “ECW experience with Rob Van Dam.”

That experience may be canceled, although RVD previously indicated that WWE gave him permission to work for AEW.

RVD tweeted the following when some fans online claimed that RVD did WWE wrong by debuting for All Elite Wrestling:

“Some fans are saying I did WWE wrong by appearing on AEW. I wonder if they would all eat sh*t f I revealed that I had permission to do it?

Or would they just move on to puke out the next meaningless bullsh*t that comes out of their mouths?

Yeah, I figured. I’ll keep it to my self for now.”

RVD last appeared for WWE during the Draft earlier this year.

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