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The Rock Talks About Getting Choked Out By UFC Veteran, Triple H Says Ronda Rousey Is Looking For An Opportunity In WWE

The Rock

The Rock Talks About Getting Choked Out By UFC Veteran

Old School WWF Legend The Rock noted on Instagram that he got choked out for real during a movie scene by UFC Veteran Jason Day. Below is what “The Great One” wrote:

“Night night.

The glaze you see over my eyes as I’m about to pass out is real. As is how deep this rear naked choke is sunk in by @UFC veteran turned actor/stuntman @jasonwilliamday.

In our action thriller #SkyscraperMovie I barely survive everything that’s thrown my way. Including this fight. First take when Jason slapped this rear naked on me, I knew right away, holy shit, this brother is sinking it in.

I thought f*** it, the more real the better, it’ll be great for the movie. After every take Jason would always ask if everything was ok with the choke. I said everything was great.

Our director, Rawson Thurber called me and Jason over to the monitor to watch playback of the scene. Rawson and Jason were happy and felt we got it, but I said, let’s take one more crack at this.

Before I walked away I whispered to Rawson, I’m gonna let him hold the choke longer, just keep shooting.

After the take was done and I got my senses back and SLOWLY got up, me and Jason hugged like grateful gentlemen. He’s a real class act and bad a$$. A pleasure getting my hands dirty with a real fighter.”


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Triple H Says Ronda Rousey Is Looking For An Opportunity In WWE

During an interview with Sky Sports, 14 time World Champion “The Game” Triple H noted that former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey is looking for an opportunity in WWE. Below is what he said:

“Ronda has made no secret her whole career that she has been a huge fan of WWE growing up. She has been on record saying WWE is probably some of the most fun that she has ever had in her entire career.

I have been out there publicly saying that if she wants the opportunity I am happy to give it to her. She is looking for the opportunity so it seems like a perfect match-up. I am excited to have the conversation with her and see where it goes.”

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