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Roddy Piper On Facing His Cousin Bret Hart At WrestleMania 8 & Putting Him Over, SmackDown Champion Reveals Who She Wants To Face At WrestleMania 34

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SmackDown Champion Reveals Who She Wants To Face At WrestleMania 34

During a recent interview with Uproxx, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair discussed next year’s WrestleMania 34, who she wants to face at that event and what she wants to see. Below are the highlights:

On what she wants to see at WrestleMania 34:

“Honestly, for a women’s singles match. I know that WrestleMania is a day that we try to get everyone involved because it is the biggest day of the year. It’s such a family event. But I would like a women’s singles match. … Competitively, I wanna be in it, I’m not gonna lie. I would be upset if I wasn’t.

But at the same time, having a singles match for the women just goes to show how much WWE has invested in the women as a whole, and how important women’s wrestling is to kids and families. To send that message out there that women can do anything they want in a male-dominated world.”

On who she wants to face at WrestleMania 34:

“Last match? Maybe fatal four-way, Four Horsewomen, I think that’s the main event match. I don’t really have a dream singles, I just dream of main eventing. When I think of WrestleMania, you think of so many outside celebrities and athletes getting involved.

Maybe a WrestleMania moment would be Queen versus Queen, me versus Stephanie McMahon. I see storylines that could lead into WrestleMania like that, but choosing one person is so hard. … I really don’t know. I would love to face Becky Lynch one-on-one.

I’d love to face Bayley. I’d love to face Sasha. It’s a lot of talent; it’s hard. It boils down to the right storyline.”

Roddy Piper On Facing His Cousin Bret Hart At WrestleMania 8 & Putting Him Over

In the “Roddy Piper: In His Own Words” documentary, late great Old School WWF Legend Roddy Piper discussed facing his cousin Bret Hart at WrestleMania 8 and putting him over. Below is what he said:

“Bret Hart is my cousin, I’m told. Didn’t know that until I was, I don’t know, 28, 25. His father Stu Hart lived 500 miles from where I was born, and his father knew names that nobody could possibly know. I really did not want to wrestle Bret, but I went 17 and a half years, I never took a dive for anybody, nobody pinned me… When it came to Bret, Bret needed a launch.

He was right there, ready to go and not only that, he put in the time. He was obviously second-generation, but he had put in the time that it takes for someone to be very proud of him and know that he could carry the banner high and not be taken down. But he’s gonna have to earn it.

It was interesting, the match from the aspect of when we came into wherever it was, half the fans were cheering for him, half the fans were cheering for me. They were cheering for me much ladder than they were cheering for him, but Bret would tell you opposite.

During the match, as the match went on, for me it was a lot of fun psychology-wise, because we’re all just masters of psychology. The ones that make it are masters of crowd-psychology. It was really fun and really interesting, and then trying to keep a hold on Bret at the same time was a multi-tasking chore.

I don’t know that anybody’s ever heard this from a crowd, it was shouting to me with such love, ‘No! Please don’t do it!’ The tone that came brought a reality to the situation that I, myself, have never had in any other wrestling match.

They were sincere, one, they wanted to like me and two, they really liked Bret. And the match was a hard-fought, very technical match. No illegal tactics, very hard-hitting, so it was like, ‘Don’t ruin a beautiful match like this!’ I might be reading a little bit too much into it, but that’s the tone I got from it.

It really grabbed me… When I threw it away, the place went nuts. I’ve never seen or heard of a match that that’s happened before.

I was right about him, when I was thinking about him. He not only propelled himself to the next level, but to every accolade the WWE had… I don’t think there was one championship he missed, so I’m very proud of him.”

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