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Roman Reigns’ Family Not Happy With WrestleMania Finish

Roman Reigns after losing at WrestleMania 31

Roman Reigns after losing at WrestleMania 31

It is being reported that several members of the Anoa’i family were extremely angry at the WrestleMania 31 main event finish. They all were expecting Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and have his big WrestleMania moment as originally planned, but that didn’t happen.

Seth Rollins came to know about the plan of him cashing-in during the Rock-Ronda Rousey segment, while Lesnar knew about it the day he re-signed with WWE. No word on whether Roman Reigns knew about it well before WrestleMania or not.

Roman Reigns’ father, WWF Legend Sika, was so angry that he was “looking to start a war”. Below is the statement that the Wrestling Observer gave out regarding this:

“Sika forgot this business is not real life, and was legit pissed at the finish and looking to start a war. A lot of the younger (family members) were rallying around Sika, but the other 45 or 50 of them talked some reason.”

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