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17. Kurt Angle’s Favorite Feud Revealed, Mr. Perfect’s Son Celebrates Anniversary

– Old School WWF Attitude Era Legend “The Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle recently revealed during an online Q&A, what he considers his favorite feud of his entire career.

Here’s what the current RAW General Manager answered when asked about which WWF/E feud would be his own personal favorite:

“Cena was great, but not long enough. Lesnar was the one I had chemistry with, but the Angle/Austin feud proved I was a main player in the WWE (WWF).”

– Curtis Axel, son of Old School WWF Legend Mr. Perfect, celebrates 10 years in the professional wrestling business.

He started training under Old School Legend Harley Race, exactly 10 years ago this month.

The current WWE Wrestler tweeted the following:

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