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13. Roman Reigns Puts An “Amateur” In His Place, Old School ECW Legend Launches New Podcast

– WWE official Twitter account posted a tweet about how it was main event time at a recent WWE Live Event and how Roman Reigns was in that match. This led to some people commenting how Reigns “can’t wrestle”.

This led to some fans replying how Reigns’ opponents and wrestling legends have noted that Reigns is a good in-ring worker. This led to a guy joining the conversation (claiming to be a wrestler) and then noting how he thinks the same about Reigns and how many people like him don’t like WWE’s politics. This led to “The Big Dog” tweeting the following:

Let ME give you a tip amateur. @WWE is the Top of the Mountain in Pro Wrestling. A view you’ll never deserve or get to enjoy. #Facts

– Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas, who also had a few stints in both World Championship Wrestling and the World Wrestling Federation, is debuting a brand new podcast, called “The Triple Threat Podcast with The Franchise Shane Douglas”.

He teamed up with famous wrestling fans ‘2 Man Power Trip of Wrestling’ and together they’re releasing a new episode every Monday from now on.

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