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Roman Reigns Responds To Stone Cold Saying He Should Turn Heel – Says Stone Cold Is Not His Boss

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• “Glamour Girl” Judy Martin’s Emotional Interview On The Fabulous Moolah

The Matt Riviera Show sent us the following:

Judy Martin Breaks Down Discussing Moolah

In the latest interview from wrestling insider Nigel Sherrod, pro wrestling legend Judy Martin spoke out against the allegations of prostitution and drug use that have been directed against her former colleague, the late Fabulous Moolah (Lillian Ellison).

Eighteen former women’s wrestlers, who were trained by or worked directly for Moolah have denounced the allegations against her, including Leilani Kai, Sandy Parker, Princess Victoria Joyce Grable and Susan “Tex” Green.

Sherrod’s full interview with Martin can be heard here:

Martin on WWE’s response:

“Vince should have come out with a press conference and said, “Mars and Snickers, let’s get the fact straight, because here’s a woman that worked for us for so many years and I stand behind her…Let’s see where this came from and who started this mess.”

On pimping allegations:

“I’ve had cousins ask, “Judy did you really do that…about Moolah pimping you out?” Nobody knows how that hurts you that you worked for somebody that pimped you out so you could get where you did…I never talked about how much I loved wrestling. That was something that I really loved. I don’t mean to cry but when you get older, you get a little sentimental. I tried my best to be as good as I could and that really hurt.”

Martin addresses the petition signers:

“You really said that she pimped us girls out. That never happened. The drugs, I’ve never done drugs. I was tested way back then and I guarantee the only thing they found on me was a cigarette. It hurts. It really hurts. I don’t know if you guys are really wrestling fans…but you damaged a lot of girls that worked in this business at that time. You need to get to know who you’re talking about before you go out and screw up people’s lives…I hope Vince will take it upon himself to correct this matter.”

• Roman Reigns Responds To Stone Cold Saying He Should Turn Heel – Says Stone Cold Is Not His Boss

During a recent interview with The Express, “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns was asked about his thoughts on WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin saying that he should turn heel, if he wants to turn heel & more.

Below are the highlights:

On Stone Cold saying that Roman Reigns should turn heel “to have the biggest run”:

“I think everybody has their opinions. Like ice cream, everybody has their flavor, everybody has their opinion. It’s Stone Cold Steve Austin. He definitely knows the area and the territory that I’m in. He knows what it’s like to pull the trigger and be a workhorse.

So I think there’s definitely a lot of truth in what he has to say and I value his opinion. Is it going to happen? I can’t guarantee that. It’s one of those situations where you kind of got to take it week by week and just understand the role. I definitely think there is a lot of great truth to what he’s thinking and his knowledge in the game. But Stone Cold is not my boss.”

On if he wants to turn heel:

“Would I like to turn heel? I don’t know. It’s a weird question cause, aren’t I already a heel? If I garnered that reaction, what’s the point? If it’s already happening, if I’m already being booed, why try and get booed?

“I think right now I’m in a cool situation and kind of a little bit different than anybody because the only person that’s really been in my shoes before is (John) Cena. But Cena is Cena, you know. I’m nothing like him, I’ve never been like him. I think I’m in a good place to kind of do whatever I want to do with this character and not necessarily just be a heel or be a babyface. I feel like my character can be so much more than that.”

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