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Attitude Era Tag Team Returning To WWE Next Week (Spoiler), Big Double Turn Planned For Raw Superstars, Final Deletion II Is Coming, WWE’s New Angle With Daniel Bryan

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8. WWE To Continue The Angle of Superstars Calling Out Daniel Bryan
As seen on this week’s episode of Talking Smack (SmackDown Post Show), there was a heated exchange between SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan and Intercontinental Champion The Miz.

Bryan said he doesn’t respect Miz as he wrestles a “WWE Style” and said that Miz is a coward who’s afraid to get hit. Miz then revealed why he wrestles the way he does: in order to stay injury-free and pointed out how he has never got hurt in the past 10 years. Miz then took a shot at how Bryan loves wrestling and yet didn’t come back and hence he’s a coward. This led to Bryan leaving the set of Talking Smack.

Word is that WWE plans to continue this angle of Superstars calling out Bryan and hence teasing the return of Bryan to in-ring action. No word yet on if Bryan would actually wrestle a match in WWE ever again.

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