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Roman Reigns To Win An Emmy Award For His Portrayal Of The Tribal Chief?

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• Roman Reigns To Win An Emmy Award For His Portrayal Of The Tribal Chief?

At SummerSlam 2020, Roman Reigns returned to WWE as The Tribal Chief. He has absolutely dominated WWE ever since.

He’s closing in on 900 days as the top champion in WWE and Paul Heyman wants Reigns to win an Emmy Award for his Bloodline story.

Below is what Heyman said about The Head Of The Table during an interview with Variety:

“I will honestly state that I’ll put Roman Reigns and his portrayal of the Tribal Chief up against anybody right now in how he has approached a reality-based character of the top star of the industry.

The fact that he’s not recognized by the people that are there to reward such performances with an award, to me, is disconcerting.

We’re trying to present a body of work that exceeds all boundaries and limitations that have been imposed upon this industry, either self-imposed or imposed by the predetermined notion of what this business is by the outside world, as evidenced by the fact that we’re sitting here today talking about the unfathomable concept of the Emmy Awards because a year ago we would have been laughed out of the conversation. But this is what we strive for.”

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Mosh vs. Prince Albert

Mideon vs. Sedric Hollywood

Gangrel vs. The Big Boss Man

Joey Abs vs. Val Venis

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