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Ronda Rousey Comments On Almost Losing Her Finger In A Recent Accident

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• Ronda Rousey Comments On Almost Losing Her Finger In A Recent Accident

UFC Hall of Famer & former WWE RAW Women’s Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey almost lost her finger in a recent accident.

Below is what Rousey wrote about this on Instagram:

“So the word is out I nearly lost my finger shooting @911onfox.

Freak accident, first take of the day a boat door fell on my hand, I thought I just jammed my fingers so I finished the take before looking (I know it sounds crazy, but I’m used to live audiences and never showing pain unless I’m supposed to) after a break in the action I told our director the situation and was rushed via ambulance to the hospital where they promptly reattached my bone and tendon with a plate and screws.

I returned to filming the next day and finished my scenes before returning home to recover. Modern medicine amazes me, I already had 50% range of motion back in 3 days.

There’s so much more than I can write here, stayed tuned via @rondarouseydotcom for the full story. And of course tune in to see how well I can act like my finger didn’t just fall off in this upcoming season of @911onfox”

Rousey posted a very graphic photo of her finger and you can check it out by tapping here.

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