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Ronda Rousey Rips Vince McMahon

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After Vince McMahon resigned from his positions in TKO Group Holdings in January, former WWE Women’s Champion & UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey tweeted the following:

“Bruce Prichard is basically Vince’s avatar, if he’s still around Vince still has a hand in the business. Vince was still running things through Bruce when he was ‘gone’ before.”

Rousey went off on McMahon once again in her autobiography “Our Fight”. Here’s what she wrote:

“It’s hard to sometimes know where the evil, unethical, slimeball character of Vince McMahon played out for the cameras ends and the actual questionably ethical, many times sued, and multiple times accused of $exual misconduct Vince McMahon begins.

[WWE pay-per-view events are] held in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, as well as now twice a year in Saudi Arabia, a nation that restricts the rights of women in a way that I’m certain Vince McMahon wishes he could.

WWE bills itself as a sports entertainment organization, and just like in the mainstream entertainment industry, there was by all accounts a casting couch culture where men backstage in powerful positions pressured female talent for $exual favors in return for airtime.”

In the $ex trafficking lawsuit filed against WWE, former chairman Vince McMahon and former talent-relations executive John Laurinaitis, WWE President Nick Khan and WWE COO Brad Blum were identified as Corporate Officers No. 1 and No. 2 recently.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Connecticut by Janel Grant, alleges that Khan and Blum played significant roles in a scheme where Grant was employed with ambiguous responsibilities, primarily serving as a $exual slave for McMahon within the WWE.

While neither Khan nor Blum are individually accused of $exual misconduct or violence, the lawsuit contends that they, along with others, facilitated and concealed exploitation within WWE, rendering the company liable under federal anti-trafficking laws.

WWE issued the following statement regarding this latest development:

“WWE takes Ms. Grant’s allegations very seriously and has no tolerance for any physical abuse or unwanted physical contact. Neither Nick Khan nor Brad Blum, prior to the lawsuit being filed on January 25, 2024, were aware of any allegation by Ms. Grant that she was the victim of abuse or unwanted physical contact; nor does the complaint allege that either had knowledge of such.”

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