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8. Goldberg Talks About Finally Facing The Undertaker This Sunday In The Royal Rumble 2017 Match

During a recent interview with Sporting News, former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg talked about this Sunday’s Royal Rumble 2017 match and finally getting in the ring with The Undertaker. Below are the highlights:

Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble match and his first in 2004:

“I can’t really remember back that long. It’s a cluster man. Any time you have more than two guys or four guys in the ring, let alone 30, you want to keep your eyes open at any time. Obviously, for someone like me, when I played football, when I was at WCW, you listen to coaches and you listen to gameplans. I’m not a gameplan guy.

I feel as though if I get my game at its highest level, I don’t care who the 29 other guys are. I’m going to take care of every one of them. It’s a tumultuous situation to have to deal with so many people at one time. It’s going to be an honor. There’s a couple of guys that I’ve never been in the ring with before. I will be looking very much forward to introducing them to me.”

Looking forward to being in the ring with The Undertaker, who he says he’s barely been in the same building with:

“Yeah. I knew him before he got in the business. We were friends before he started wrestling. It’s amazing that we haven’t been in the same ring together before. I will honestly say that he’s probably the one I’m looking forward to introducing myself in ring more than anyone.”

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