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Rumor Killer On Brock Lesnar Suffering An Injury At Survivor Series 2017, Lesnar Selling That He Got Injured Backstage, Austin Aries Reveals A Funny Story Of Him Cutting A Promo With A Banana

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Austin Aries Reveals A Funny Story Of Him Cutting A Promo With A Banana

During a recent appearance on “Talk Is Jericho” podcast, former WWE Superstar Austin Aries revealed a funny story of him cutting a promo with a banana. Below is the story:

Interviewer: Hey can we get a few words after your match?

Aries: “Yeah no problem”. And I grabbed the water and banana because you need to replenish. Like What do u do after workout? You need to replenish, right? You need some carbohydrates, some water. So I grabbed it and I walked up to do the backstage. And they’re kinda looking at me like

Interviewer: “You’re gonna do that with the banana in your hand?”

Aries: “Yeah. Should I not do it with the banana in my hand?”

Interviewer: “Are you gonna say something about the banana?”

Aries: “I wasn’t going to. Do you want me to?”

Interviewer: “Why do you have the banana?”

Aries: “Because I just got done wrestling and you’re asking me a question, I’m eating a banana.”

I realised that wow they can’t wrap their head around anything that isn’t like written down or something.

Aries: “Excuse me I’m gonna eat my banana and replenish my Potassium levels”. And I walked explain.

Jericho: (Laughing) Because you had to explain.

Rumor Killer On Brock Lesnar Suffering An Injury At Survivor Series 2017, Lesnar Selling That He Got Injured Backstage

During a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles match from last night’s Survivor Series 2017.

There were a lot of rumors going on that Lesnar got injured during the match, but that isn’t the case. Meltzer noted that Lesnar wasn’t injured, but he wanted people backstage in WWE to believe he got hurt. Below is their discussion:

Alvarez: Brock just obliterated this guy early. Threw him all over. Threw him pillar to post. Dragged him by the hair. Suplexed him across the ring. Styles was just stumbling all over the place. German …German….

Finally AJ fires up. Slips behind on an F5. AJ drop kicks the leg. Hits a DDT. Works him over. It’s a moonsault, Brock catches him. It was actually a short moment here where they were on separate pages. There was the moonsault where they stumbled.

There was the run up, the ropes DDT that got botched. And then there was a suplex to the outside that I think AJ was to low bridge him, but kind of didn’t and Lesnar just suplexed him. But they saved it again. And AJ did that Slingshot Forearm to the outside, tossed him into the steps, forearm off the steps, brought in the ring, Springboard 450, people going nuts, Brock kicks out.

Goes for the Styles Clash. That doesn’t work. Brock switches to the F5. AJ slips through. Puts him in the Calf Crusher. Brock sold this Calf Crusher better than he sold the Knee Bar from Frank Mir in UFC. Just screaming. He’s on his knees.

People are going crazy thinking Brock Lesnar might actually submit to AJ Styles. Lesnar gets out of it by slamming his head on the mat.

Meltzer: Oh it’s the way he did that. It was so great. He got AJ’s head and just slammed it into the mat over and over again. That was an absolutely tremendous spot.

Alvarez: Fans chanting – “This is awesome”. AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm. Brock kicks out. He foolishly goes through the second time. Brock catches him in mid-air. F5 for the pin. Brock is down in the ring for minutes. Finally limps away selling the Calf Crusher. Totally put over that this guy was super tough even though he beat him. Both guys got over bigger. This match was a masterpiece. I loved it.

Meltzer: I don’t know if I would call it a masterpiece. I see matches that good all the time, but it was a great match. I liked it because it was so different from everybody else on the show. There was a feel to it. They made it feel like it was a fight. Everybody else made it feel like that they were performing for you.

And you know, Brock can do that in a match because when he comes out and just mauls people. I mean, poor AJ in the first five minutes got nothing in and just got frickin’ annihilated. But by doing that his comebacks were great and it brought the match a very different feel to it.

And the crowd was very different for this match. It stole the show. And yeah Brock was even selling it backstage. People told me he’s going like “he’s really hurt” which he wasn’t, but he wanted everyone to think he was.

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