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Ruthless Aggression Era Flashback – Episode 2: Randy Orton Slaps Dusty Rhodes

Randy Orton Flexing

“Ruthless Aggression Era Flashback” is a brand new feature here on, where we look back at some of the great moments from WWE’s Ruthless Aggression Era.

Ruthless Aggression Era began after the famous Attitude Era, and lasted till 2007. This is the second episode of this feature, so get ready to travel back to the not so old yet good days of the WWE!

On the July 2, 2007 edition of Raw, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes brought his son Cody Rhodes to the WWE. Dusty introduced his son to Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Duggan congratulated Cody on making it to the big leagues.

“The Legend Killer” Randy Orton then interrupted them and talked about how Dusty didn’t introduce him to his son. Orton then talked about how Cody could one day be like him and how Cody will one day be better than his dad, just like how he became better than his Hall of Famer dad (Bob Orton). Orton then introduced himself as the Legend Killer while looking at Dusty and this led to Cody warning Orton to stay away from his dad.

Dusty then told Orton that he’s so disrespectful and this led to Orton slapping Dusty. Cody was ready to attack Orton but Dusty stopped him.

On the July 16, 2007 edition of Raw, Cody made his Raw in-ring debut against Orton. Orton defeated Cody with an RKO. After the match, Orton was looking to deliver a Punt kick to Cody, but Dusty saw it and got ready for a fight with Orton, but Orton left the ring. You can watch it below:



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