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Ruthless Aggression Era Flashback – Episode 3: APA Breaks Up, Bradshaw Becomes JBL

“Ruthless Aggression Era Flashback” is a new feature here on, where we look back at some of the great moments from WWE’s Ruthless Aggression Era.

Ruthless Aggression Era began after the famous Attitude Era, and lasted till 2007. This is the third episode of this feature, so get ready to travel back to the not so old yet good days of the WWE!

On the post WrestleMania 20 edition of SmackDown, Paul Heyman wasn’t happy with the new United States Champion John Cena throwing him out of the ring. Heyman was walking backstage and APA’s Farooq made fun of him. This led to Heyman announcing that if APA doesn’t win the Tag Team Titles, then Farooq will get fired.

The APA failed to capture the Tag Team Titles. Bradshaw misunderstood that both of them will now be fired since they lost, but that wasn’t the case. Heyman told them only Farooq was getting fired. Heyman went on to tell Bradshaw that he thinks very highly of him and reminded him that he’s a highly respected financial analyst who has a major book published, and who’s now on FOX News.

Farooq thought his friend Bradshaw would leave with him but that didn’t turn out to be true, as Bradshaw had other thoughts. Bradshaw said he can’t afford to leave just because Farooq said something stupid. This led to the break-up of the APA.

Then on next week’s episode of SmackDown, Bradshaw became JBL. You can watch it below:



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