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Ryback Claims WWE’s New Producer Pat Buck Could Leak Important Stuff


• Old School Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW/WWF Veteran “Travis” Chad Fortune turns 52 today.

If you watched the World Wrestling Federation in 1995-1996, you’re certainly going to remember ‘Tekno Team 2000’ featuring him as Travis, who teamed up with Eric Watts (as Troy).

In 1997, he joined Ted Turner’s WCW as a singles wrestler but never made it above the status of a jobber to the stars.

After Chad Fortune’s pro wrestling career didn’t took off, he quit the sport and got into Monster Truck driving.


• Ryback Claims WWE’s New Producer Pat Buck Could Leak Important Stuff

During a recent edition of Conversation With The Big Guy podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback talked about WWE hiring Pat Buck as a backstage producer.

While Ryback gave credit to Pat for being a great wrestling mind, he went on to say that Pat is all about money and could leak stuff from WWE’s meetings.

Below is what The Big Guy said:

“He does have a good wrestling mind; he has a great wrestling mind. So, I’ll never take anything away from him on that end. But the type of human being he is…[WWE] has to be very careful about him because he leaks stuff out and is all about money.

They’ve got to be very careful about having that guy in meetings because he will do things for money, 100%. Information will get leaked out. I can’t say 100% he will do that [in the future], but he has done it in the past.”

Ryback also opened up about Pat trying to steal money. Ryback once did a photo-op after a WrestlePro event (a promotion Pat Buck owns) and the plan was to send the money made from this to those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas. However, Pat tried to keep the money with himself:

“He eventually sent the money to the Houston flood victims and didn’t send the date and time he sent it so he could cover himself after he got called out for doing that. Great wrestling mind, but there’s some major character flaws in this guy as a person. I talked to the higher-ups in WWE and told them you gotta watch out for this guy. I know John Laurinaitis likes him but he is as big of a piece of sh*t as there is human being-wise.

I sent him a message and let him know the other day that I’m gonna personally get him fired when I’m f***ing healthy if he doesn’t get fired before that and enjoy the short-term ride while he’s up there.

I just informed him when I see you I’m beating the sh*t out of you and that’s the truth. That’s just from a man’s standpoint – you robbed me, you talked bad about me, I’ll be positive all day long but at the end of the day I’m gonna f*ck you up still because you’re a little b*tch. That’s just being a man.

I will handle the repercussions when that comes but he is as bad of a human being. That’s Pat Buck for everybody.”

Ryback also mentioned that when he met Pat Buck in WWE developmental years ago, Buck used to steal things like Protein Shakes and money from her grandmother’s account.

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