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Sad News For Vince McMahon

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In recent years, WWE has undergone significant changes, the most notable being the departure of Vince McMahon following allegations made by Janel Grant. McMahon’s name has been conspicuously absent from WWE television and digital platforms. Furthermore, according to a longtime WWE employee, McMahon is reportedly not allowed in the new WWE Headquarters.

On a recent episode of “The Insiders” podcast, Conrad Thompson spoke with Tom Carlucci, who signed with the WWF in 1987. Carlucci held various roles in the company over the years and was known as one of McMahon’s most loyal employees. Although he was let go during the pandemic, his wife continues to work for WWE, and his son does freelance work for NXT.

Carlucci shared his experiences and loyalty to McMahon, stating that even when he was released, he refused to provide any negative information about his former boss to the media. He expressed his frustration towards those who he feels have turned their backs on McMahon.

The new WWE Headquarters was a vision of McMahon’s, aimed at bringing all employees under one roof. Carlucci mentioned that the gym within the new building was specifically designed for McMahon, but ironically, he can no longer enter it.

“I will never ever badmouth Vince,” Carlucci asserted. “Now, what’s going on with Vince now, it’s a totally different story. There’s three sides to every story in my book. So, stuff is gonna come out, and you’ll see it. I don’t know anything about it, but it is what it is as we all know.”

Discussing McMahon’s exclusion from his own company, Carlucci remarked, “He can’t even walk in the building… that’s crazy that you drive by that building [and] you got that big championship belt. He always wanted us from day one… because we were in two different buildings. We had the corporate office at exit 9 and then we were right down the street from the corporate office, our big production studio. He always wanted us under one roof. That was his dream to have us under one roof. The dream came, and he’s not even a part of it anymore.”

Carlucci described the new headquarters as a museum-like facility with amenities such as a Starbucks, the SmackDown café, and a gym that was originally created for McMahon.

“The gym was created for Vince,” Carlucci noted. “He designed the gym with his trainer Mike, who I know really well. He can’t even go in that gym anymore; he can’t step foot anywhere. Every meeting that goes on over there — you’ll never see Vince here again, from the TKO people. It is crazy when you think about it that he’s the legacy.”

Despite the allegations, McMahon has denied any wrongdoing and has not been charged with any crimes as of this writing. Janel Grant recently agreed to pause her lawsuit at the request of the Justice Department, which is currently investigating McMahon.

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