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Sami Zayn On If Fans Would Revolt If He Doesn’t Win The Royal Rumble

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• Sami Zayn On If Fans Would Revolt If He Doesn’t Win The Royal Rumble

The Men’s Royal Rumble 2023 match is going to be very interesting this year, as the wrestlers rumored to win include The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin & Cody Rhodes.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani, Sami Zayn was asked if fans would revolt if he doesn’t win the Men’s Royal Rumble match, similar to what they did when Daniel Bryan didn’t win in 2014 & 2015.

Zayn doesn’t think so and said the following:

“I think there’s a lot of casual fans who are just kind of along for the ride and I don’t think the fans are kind of where they were five, six years ago where they kind of would revolt and were, ‘No, Daniel Bryan’s the guy, you’re trying to give us Batista. No! We’ll force you! We’ll force you!’

I don’t feel that level of borderline contempt from the audience towards the creative direction. I think because the story’s been so interesting, there’s a little bit of trust in that it’ll go where it goes and it’ll still be fine.

I’m sure there are a lot of people who are pulling for me, that’s great. It’s nice to be that guy but I don’t think it’s at a place where Daniel Bryan was, I believe in 2014 where it’s like anybody but him is going to be a disaster. It actually was [a disaster], so they had to fix it and they had to play cleanup.

If they don’t do it right, there is the possibility of contempt towards whoever that person is whether it’s Cody [Rhodes], whether it’s anybody, it could be anybody. If it’s not done right, it could kind of hurt that person. But we work with a lot of people who know how to do things right.”

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