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Sami Zayn On Why WrestleMania Might Not Return To Canada In The Near Future

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• Sami Zayn On Why WrestleMania Might Not Return To Canada In The Near Future

WrestleMania was held in Canada on two occasions – 1990 and 2002.

WWE had a very passionate crowd in attendance at last night’s Elimination Chamber 2023 premium live event in Montreal.

This raised the question – will WWE bring their biggest event to Canada again?

During the post-show press conference, Sami Zayn was asked this question.

While Zayn does think that Montreal is one of the most passionate wrestling cities, their Olympic Stadium might not be up to the mark at the moment for a WrestleMania.

Below is what the former Honorary Uce said:

“As far as the passion of the audience, I think the secret’s out on Montreal now.

Of course, I’m biased and I get a little extra love and all that stuff but every performer now knows it, feels it, knows the crowd is going to rule, they know the passion is unmatched and now the whole world knows it because they see it on TV.

They see what we just did out there, they see these fans standing on their feet for 10 minutes and they’re like ‘damn, Montreal crowd, man, Montreal.’

So the word’s out. Somewhat biased but a world-class city in virtually every metric. Maybe not the Olympic Stadium which may be a factor in the whole WrestleMania decision but I think it comes down to business stuff that’s above my pay grade.

But I think it has nothing, nothing to do with the passion, because if you’re picking a city strictly on passion, Montreal has to be a top three contender, has to be.”

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