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Sammy Guevara Takes Multiple Shots At T-BAR In New Vlog, T-BAR Responds

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• Sammy Guevara Takes Multiple Shots At T-BAR In New Vlog, T-BAR Responds

The Sammy Guevara vs. T-BAR feud isn’t over yet.

As seen on Twitter last week, WWE RAW’s T-BAR accused AEW’s Sammy Guevara of stealing his finishing move, and called him a “little teenage virgin” who does what Ricochet does in the ring.

Guevara then responded by taking a shot at T-BAR being in catering all the time and not getting enough TV time in WWE, which led to T-BAR bringing up Guevara’s past “rape joke” about SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks.

T-BAR had later deleted the tweets, but Guevara isn’t done with him yet.

In his latest Vlog “JOBBER” on YouTube, Guevara showed up in front of his girlfriend and asked her who he is. She said that he’s a virgin.

He then asked her who he looked like, and she told her that he looked like a jobber, but he said that he looked like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

Sammy Guevara In T-Bar Mask With His Girlfriend

The Vlog came to an end when Guevara’s girlfriend told him that he looks like that guy from Monday Night… (couldn’t say RAW).

You can watch Guevara mocking T-BAR below:

T-BAR then sent out the following tweets in response to Guevara’s Vlog:


“My God it’s even more than I imagined. I’m going to have to start subleasing.”

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