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“Samoa Joe deserved to be the WWE Champion” – Hall Of Famer

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During a recent episode of his podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle talked about his old TNA opponent, Samoa Joe.

Angle thinks WWE didn’t use Joe properly and that Joe should’ve won the WWE Championship.

Below is what the Olympic Gold Medalist said:

“Joe, he got utilized properly in TNA at the beginning. Until he lost his undefeated streak against me, his value dropped dramatically. They’ve never really picked back up and brought Joe back to the level he was when he was undefeated.

I think that WWE could have done more with him. They did do some, they did a lot, but I know they could have done more. He was that talented.

I’m not sure if it had to do with his look. I love his look. I think that everybody should be different; big, tall, short, wide. Doesn’t matter.

I don’t know if it had to do with his look, but Samoa Joe was so talented. He deserved to be the WWE Champion, he really did. Probably and that’s not me blowing smoke, that’s me being honest.”

Samoa Joe currently works in AEW and is their sister promotion ROH’s TV Champion.

In 2018, Joe had multiple matches with AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, but he failed to win the Title.

Below are Samoa Joe’s major accomplishments in pro-wrestling:

– 1x TNA World Heavyweight Champion

– 5x TNA X-Division Champion

– 1x TNA TV Champion

– 2x TNA World Tag Team Champion

– TNA Triple Crown Champion

– TNA Grand Slam Champion

– 2x WWE United States Champion

– 3x NXT Champion

– 2015 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic winner (along with Finn Balor)

– 1x ROH World Champion

– 1x ROH Pure Champion

– 1x ROH TV Champion

– ROH Triple Crown Champion

– ROH Hall of Famer

– 2x AEW TNT Champion

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