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Sasha Banks Not Interested In Working With RAW Star Again Due To Real-Life Heat

Sasha Banks


On this day in 1979, the Memphis Wrestling territory aired a match of a young up and coming Hulk Hogan, competing as “The Hulk” Terry Boulder.

Terry Boulder, with his kayfabe brother Eddie Boulder (later known as Brutus Beefcake) in his corner, took on Sonny King.

You can now watch that match below:

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• Sasha Banks Not Interested In Working With RAW Star Again Due To Real-Life Heat

There have been numerous reports which state that Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss have real-life beef. Sasha Banks discussed the topic while appearing on Peter Rosenberg’s Open Late show. She said she didn’t want to work with Bliss but if WWE asked her, she was ready to do it.

“I think I’m really good at what I do,” Banks replied regarding her backstage relationship with Alexa. Rosenberg asked if she wanted to work with Alexa again and she said, “not really.”

“I think if they want to have me versus Alexa, then they can have that because I can do my job very well,” Banks said after he questioned if the story was already told between herself and Alexa.

Alexa Bliss said the same on a podcast in 2017 that she was ready to work with ‘The Boss’ as a professional but they have real-life heat.

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