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Sasha Banks Reveals Why She Took A Break After WrestleMania 35

Sasha Banks

• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (September 12, 1999) – WCW Fall Brawl 1999

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on September 12, 1999, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired ‘WCW Fall Brawl 1999’ LIVE on PPV from the Lawrence Joel Coliseum in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

This was the very first ‘WCW Fall Brawl’ pay-per-view that did not feature the popular “War Games” match.

The results are here:

– Rey Mysterio Jr., Eddie Guerrero & Billy Kidman defeated Vampiro & Insane Clown Posse

– WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Lenny Lane (c) defeated Kaz Hayashi

– No DQ: The First Family defeated The Revolution

– WCW World Television Championship: Rick Steiner (c) defeated Perry Saturn

– Berlyn defeated Jim Duggan

– WCW World Tag Team Championship: Harlem Heat defeated The West Texas Rednecks (c)

– WCW United States Heavyweight Championship: Sid Vicious defeated Chris Benoit (c)

– Goldberg defeated Diamond Dallas Page

– WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Sting defeated Hulk Hogan (c)

• Sasha Banks Reveals Why She Took A Break After WrestleMania 35

The team of Sasha Banks & Bayley (The Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection) lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania 35 and then Sasha went on a hiatus from WWE programming.

Sasha then returned to WWE TV on RAW after SummerSlam 2019 and turned heel.

During a recent interview on WFNZ Sports Radio, “The Boss” Sasha Banks revealed why he went on a break after WrestleMania 35:

“I’ve been doing this for seven years straight, no break. People need to step back and reevaluate their lives and take care of their souls and minds and I’m back and I’m better than ever and I got myself a championship match on Sunday so, I think I did quite well for myself, right?”

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