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Sasha Banks Shuts Down A Fan Who Said He Knows Why She Left WWE

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Sasha Banks left WWE in May 2022 and joined NJPW in January 2023 and became Mercedes Mone.

During a recent Meet & Greet event, a fan had the following exchange with her:

Fan: How has New Japan Wrestling treated you? I know that you left WWE because of the creative issues.

Mercedes: So, is that the reason?

Fan: Yes, that’s what I read.

Mercedes: Oh, that’s what you read. But you weren’t there, so no.

Fan: So what’s the real reason?

Mercedes: Why would I tell you?

Fan: I want to know.

Mercedes: You ain’t going to see my interview. Ain’t going to read my book. You ain’t going to see me in the future.

Fan: I do all of that. Yeah.

Mercedes: All right, then, just wait. Thank you. JJ appreciate you. Keep on reading your fiction books. Okay.

You can watch it below:

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