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Scott Hall’s Twitter Account Was Deleted After He Called A Female Wrestler “Dumb B*tch”

Scott Hall

• Old School WWF Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF/WCW Legend Lex Luger (Real name: Lawrence Pfohl) celebrates his 62nd birthday today.

After some time in the Florida territory CWF, Lex Luger joined Jim Crockett Promotions in 1987 and became a member of the Four Horsemen, alongside “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson.

Luger stayed with the promotion after it was sold to Ted Turner and renamed “World Championship Wrestling”, but eventually left in February 1992 to join Vince McMahon’s World Bodybuilding Federation.

After the WBF disbanded, Lex returned to professional wrestling and had his World Wrestling Federation debut as “The Narcissist” at the 1993 Royal Rumble PPV, before turning babyface a few months later, when he became known as “Made in the USA” Lex Luger.

In September 1995, Luger appeared as a surprise on the first ever WCW Monday NITRO, thus returning to WCW as “The Total Package” Lex Luger.

He then wrestled for Turner’s company until Vince bought it in March 2001.


• Scott Hall’s Twitter Account Was Deleted After He Called A Female Wrestler “Dumb B*tch”

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall is no longer on Twitter as his account was deleted / taken down last month.

This happened after Hall had an exchange with ROH wrestler Session Moth Martina.

You can read their exchange below:

Martina: He once offered to buy me a b**b job on Twitter but never followed through.

Hall: You need a personality transplant you dumb b*tch.

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