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Seth Rollins Reacts To Will Ospreay Watching His Crown Jewel Match

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WWE’s current World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and NJPW’s IWGP UK (fka US) Champion Will Ospreay had an argument on Twitter in 2019 when Rollins said WWE features the best wrestling, and also bragged about making more money than Ospreay while competing with a broken back.

During a recent interview with Metro, Ospreay said he is open to joining WWE and having a feud with Rollins:

“The Seth thing does intrigue me quite a lot. I heard him say in a promo, his 100% is the best in the world. My 50% is the best in the world, so if you actually got me at 100% I think you’d drown in these waters, mate.”

Ospreay also said he’s open to relocating to the US:

“As age has become more apparent to me and my body is hurting more and more, I’m open to all avenues. I’ve had a lot of talks with my friends about this, and I have spoke to the missus. Although we’ve spent so much money on our new kitchen, we are open to the idea of relocating to the United States. Now it’s time for me to really gauge and see what’s out there.”

The Wrestling Observer reported that WWE absolutely wants Ospreay:

“He made more comments as far as his future. I know some stuff. I know WWE is absolutely after him, and he is absolutely going to listen to WWE. There’s a lot of different things.

He’s going now for the best offer. He’s got a family. He’s got Barry Bloom representing him. WWE is very, very interested in him. Everyone is, and they should be. It will be interesting to see who gets him.”

Ospreay’s NJPW contract is set to expire in February 2024. Ospreay has wrestled multiple times in AEW as well (as a special attraction wrestler), with one of his recent wins being against Chris Jericho at the All In PPV at Wembley Stadium.

Ospreay watched Rollins’ Crown Jewel match against Drew McIntyre and tweeted:


This led to Rollins replying:

“The water is warm.”

Rollins defeated McIntyre to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in the opening match of the main PLE show of Crown Jewel. Damian Priest tried to cash-in his Money In The Bank contract after the match, but Sami Zayn attacked him and ran away with his MITB briefcase.

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