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Seth Rollins Brawls With Triple H On Raw, Indicates He’s Ready To Go At WrestleMania 33

Seth Rollins

On tonight’s main event segment of Raw, Stephanie McMahon & Mick Foley gathered in the ring to announce who Foley is going to fire from Raw (Stephanie told Foley earlier in the night to fire someone).

Foley said he’s going to fire Stephanie McMahon, but Stephanie reminds him that he doesn’t have that power.

This leads to Triple H coming out.

Foley gets embarrassed by Triple H and Triple H tells him to get his a$$ out of here. Foley doesn’t leave and applies the Mandible Claw on Triple H. Stephanie makes the save by hitting a low blow on Mick Foley.

Triple H is about to destroy Foley, but out comes Seth Rollins on crutches. Rollins drops the crutch and indicates he’s ready to go!

Rollins enters the ring and they brawl, but “The Game” ends up having the best of the brawl and lays out Rollins by attacking his injured leg with the crutch. Raw ends with Rollins writhing in pain.

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