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Seth Rollins Responds To Bray Wyatt Asking Him How He Found The Firefly Fun House

Bray Wyatt The Fiend vs Seth Rollins - WWE Crown Jewel 2019

• Old School Wrestling Valet Celebrates Her Birthday

Old School Wrestling Valet “The First Lady of Wrestling” Missy Hyatt (Real name: Melissa Hiatt) turns 56 today.

When Vince McMahon’s attempt in 1987 to replace the legendary Piper’s Pit with Missy Hyatt’s own talk-segment “Missy’s Manor” failed and the episodes they already filmed, never made it to television, the former WCCW & Mid-South Wrestling valet joined Jim Crockett’s promotions in late 1988, which in December ’88 was sold to Ted Turner and renamed ‘World Championship Wrestling’, after their weekly saturday night tv show, that already had the same name.

In 1996, she briefly joined Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion, which ended up being her last stint working for a major wrestling company.

During her time in professional wrestling, Missy had $exual relationships with several pro wrestlers such as Road Warrior Hawk, Tommy Rich, Scott Putski, Brutus Beefcake & Val Venis … only to name a few.

She was however in serious relationships with territory wrestler “Hollywood” John Tatum and later ‘The Wonder Years’ star Jason Hervey, who was working backstage for WCW at that time.

In between the self proclaimed first lady of wrestling was married to “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert from 1987 till 1989.


• Seth Rollins Responds To Bray Wyatt Asking Him How He Found The Firefly Fun House

As seen in the main event segment of this week’s RAW, Universal Champion Seth Rollins invaded the Firefly Fun House, beat up Bray Wyatt and then burned down the house.

You can watch it below:

Rollins tweeted the following after this:

On the other hand, Wyatt had the following to say after Rollins’ attack:

Rollins then replied the following to Wyatt’s question:

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