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Shane McMahon Lays Out AJ Styles On SmackDown Live

Shane McMahon

As we noted before, AJ Styles kicked off tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live by accepting Shane McMahon’s challenge for WrestleMania 33.

Styles was then waiting for Shane in the parking lot again so he can attack him. But Shane made his entrance to the ring and Styles was informed by Renee Young that Shane is already in the building and he’s waiting for Styles in the ring.

Styles then went to the ring and apologized for attacking Shane last week. Shane didn’t buy Styles’ apology and attacked him with punches. Styles came back into the fight by suplex Shane into the barricade.

Styles was then about to slam Shane on the announce table, but Shane came back into the fight again and ended up delivering his vintage flying elbow from the top rope through the announce table! You can watch it below:

The WrestleMania 33 war between Styles & Shane O’Mac is on!!

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